Why Didn’t The Realtor Show Up To Show My Home?

What happens if a Realtor doesn’t show up for a showing? Today’s question comes from Knoxville, TN.


Q: Today this was the second time this has happened to me. A Realtor was supposed to show my house between 6:15 and 7:15 pm.

I spent my day off preparing the house for the showing, including turning on extra lights and extra heat. It was another no show with no phone call advising me of this. Is this something I can report to the local board of realtors? I feel this was very rude, inconsiderate and extremely unprofessional.

A: I can understand your frustration. I’m sure you understand that there is nothing that your listing agent can do, other than letting the agent know about your frustration.

You do however have the right to know which agent was supposed to be showing your home. You should also expect feedback from your listing agent as well, with the positive and not so positive comments about your home. This allows you to make adjustments, to make your home more marketable (if they are feasible and cost effective). Although I agree that being a no-show with no phone call is rude and inconsiderate, I don’t think you would get any justice by calling the board. There isn’t much they can do in a situation like this as circumstances can vary widely as to why an appointment is cancelled. Good luck and hopefully your next showing will be ‘THE ONE.”

– Troy Stavros, REALTOR® Gables & Gates, Realtors

This post was published by Deidre Woollard on realtor.com. See the original post here.


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