Think Outside The Box: Fresh Ideas For Wall Art

The truth is, we all need art in our homes. Something to break up the space, add color, provide inspiration to the spaces in which we live. But the era of staidly framed oil paintings is so over.


Now is the time to liberate your artwork from its archaic quadrilaterals and allow it to roam free in a totally new realm of perception. This is the 21st century, after all.


For starters, who says that a piece has to be contained by just one frame? Why not use many frames, as in the case of this map of Italy? A huge work of art in many small pieces translates to a big visual impact.

You can also make your everyday ephemera into an interesting work of art. Try posting them, collage-style, over a desk or a mantelpiece and ta-da! Instant eye-catching art, no museum visit required.

Here’s an interesting idea for nature-lovers: drawing on the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which seeks to find beauty in the transient and imperfect, this mantel display incorporates weathered wood and a variety of round stones. The result is a visual meditation on form and subtle variation that is at the same time both interesting and unfussy.

For the steady of hand and ambitious of spirit, you can take a cue from Ava Roth, who hand-painted these gilded patterns on the plum-colored walls of her dining room. The golden vines, birds, and flowers are so beautiful you’ll literally have dinner guests talking to the walls!

However, if you really must stick with the concept of square art, at least make it interesting. Try grouping clusters of quadrants together for a bigger impact. Broaden your definition of art display, and see where it takes you!

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