Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: Create Reflective Drama In Your Home

This seems to be the year for Snow White. The fairy-tale character, which originated from a story collected by the Brothers Grimm and made popular by Disney, is back in theaters again this month in ‘Mirror, Mirror’. No doubt this new adaptation will give a modern twist to the well-known plot elements of wicked witches, poison apples, magic mirrors and swarthy dwarves.

In honor of the raven-haired princess’s reawakening, here are some mirrored trends that have caught our eye lately. Which do you think is fairest in the land?

One of our favorite trends is mirrored subway tiles, as seen on this kitchen’s backsplash. The reflective tiles give a little added flair to the everyday kitchen counter, and elevates the eating space of this 5-bed, 6-bath home in Atlanta, GA, from run-of-the-mill to industrial cool. Consider mirrored tiles for the impact they could make in smaller areas, too, like bathrooms and wet bars.

Low ceilings can make a small space feel claustrophobic. But rather than dial up a remodel, why not consider a mirrored ceiling? Check out the bathroom of this 5-bed, 8-bath home in Centre Island, NY. The reflecting surface bounces light around the room, making the space appear bigger. And when paired with a bright, neutral color like the white marble in this bathroom, you can increase the effect.

Mirrored ceilings can also be used to up the drama factor, as we see in the dining room of this 5-bed, 8-bath house inBeverly Hills, CA. The mirror creates the illusion of more space, and the detail of the gilded frame draws the eye upward, making this room appear taller and more theatrical.

This 5-bed, 5-bath home in San Francisco, CA,  really capitalized on the expansive powers of mirrors (top of post, above and below). Check out the foyer, where a mirrored wall gives the impression of an entryway twice its actual size. Framed mirrors in the parlor and living areas add visual interest, while in the upstairs bathroom reflections of light and sky give airiness to the small space.

Now that you’ve been inspired, what mirrors do you see in your house’s future?

This article was originally published March 9, 2012, by Addy Cleverly on realtor.com. 

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