Top Five Easiest Real Estate Markets To Buy In

Though recent signs have pointed to a lessening of the ongoing housing inventory crunch,  many markets are still experiencing shortages of homes for sale, with inventory overall declining 15.22% in March year over year. Still, there are some bright spots across the nation where the number of listings are growing, enabling first-time home buyers in particular to enter the market more easily than in cities where inventory remains low.
Top 5 Easiest Real Estate Markets to Crack
By looking at site listing data, we were able to identify the top five markets in inventory growth – and the five easiest markets to crack – over the past year:

5) Ocala, FL
This Florida city experienced the fifth-highest growth in listings since 2012, with an increase of 3.09% year over year. Median listing prices have remained relatively stable at $129,900, with a slight 1.01% increase in the past 12 months.

4) Huntsville, AL
Listings in the fourth-largest city in Alabama increased 3.94% year or year, while median listing prices actually declined 2.66% to $179,964, making Huntsville a good entry market for first time buyers.

3) El Paso, TX
Inventory in this West Texas city grew 4.79% over the last 12 months while prices declined by 1.34% to their current median level of $149,950, landing El Paso the number three slot in our list.

2) Springfield, IL
With listings climbing 5.67% since last year and median prices falling by 7.69% to $119,900, the capital of Illinois is a prime entry market for first time buyers looking for affordable starter homes.

1) Shreveport-Bossier City, LA
Coming in at number one on our list of top easiest markets to crack is tourism, energy, and film production hub Shreveport, Louisiana. Listings shot up over 17% year over year, by far the highest increase on our list. Prices have eased up 4% to a median of $182,000, making this city on the Red River our top easiest market to crack.

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