In Honor of Shark Week, We Have 7 Shark Tanks to Swim Through

Whether it is Discovery’s ode to the ocean’s fiercest predator, “Shark Week,” news of ABC’s upcoming “Shark Tank Week,” or SyFy’s insane shark/natural disaster mash-up “Sharknado,” it is quite clear that sharks have taken over the television, the Internet – our lives, basically. Blue sharks, mako sharks, tiger sharks, great white sharks – you name it, and we are immediately fascinated by and engrossed in it. is no stranger to the shark madness currently sweeping across America with oceanic fervor. In a nod to everything sharks, we have chummed the waters and dived deep into the blue abyss to deliver seven of the finest shark-tank homes out there today.

1. Workout With a Porpoise in This Shark Gym


Price: $22.5 million
Excuse the awful sea-hog pun, but this $22.5 million modern masterpiece goes above and beyond in the workout facilities department with an epic shark-tank gym spread. Why crank up the heavy metal when you can get swoll in the presence of sharkness?

2. 10,000-Gallon Shark Tank in Marina Del Ray


Price: $5.725 million
Apparently, a home theater, a massive wine cellar and a glass-bottom rooftop pool and Jacuzzi were not enough to satisfy this home owner’s amenity cravings. No, this insanely amazing $5.725 million offering was not complete without its own 10,000-gallon shark tank – to which I say, money well spent.

3. Gilbert Arenas’ Shark-Tank Mansion


Price: $3.5 million
Of course Gilbert Arenas would have a mansion filled with shark tanks. The NBA veteran is well known for his, well, quirky personality, and so it came as little surprise to learn that his DC area mansion has not one but multiple shark tanks. There’s a shark tank in the entryway, a massive shark tank in his rec room — heck, even a shark tank in his swim-in grotto. When it comes to shark tanks, Agent Zero does not mess around.

4. Shark Vortex Tank in Fort Lauderdale


Price: $4.95 million
Those fixin’ to create a “Sharknado” of their very own will want to take a long look at this ultimate shark vortex in Fort Lauderdale. Besides its awesome saltwater tank, which is less aquarium and more shrine to the shark gods, the $4.95 million property known as Star Harbour goes hard in the sea department with 72 feet of waterfront, a pool house and a private dock.

5. Pool Shark Tank in Coto de Caza


Price: $10.75 million
This home may be a car enthusiast’s dream, but it has a billiards room befitting a shark lover. Give the term “pool shark” a literal spin, moving your cue under the bluish hue of your massive inlaid wall aquarium. If that is not enough, other perks of this $10.75 million compound include a posh theater room, a wine cellar and resort-like grounds.

6. I’ll Take “Shark-Tank Homes” for $100, Alex


Price: $3.995 million
Judging by the former Hollywood Hills home he had built for himself in 1984, Alex Trebek’s taste in decor borders on sterile. However, the “Jeopardy” host’s taste in shark tanks is clearly on point, as evidenced by the swank aquarium setup complete with a velvety shark-viewing parlor.

7. Hawaiian Penthouse Shark Tank


Price: $7.495 million
No unworldly Honolulu high-rise retreat would be complete without its very own dining room shark-tank display, and that’s exactly what you will find within the confines of this $7.495 million penthouse on the Big Pineapple. Other perks of the two-story suite include 360-degree views and a Fendi-designed 4,000-square-foot interior.

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