President Obama’s Former New York Apartment for Rent

It’s not the Oval Office — it doesn’t even have a separate office — but in 1981, the 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment was Barack Obama’s home during his junior year at Columbia University.

Source: StreetEasy

A photo of President Obama, thought to have been taken in the apartment, now hangs in the rental.

Source: StreetEasy

According to the Huffington Post, the future president lived in the pre-war home with a roommate, sharing a monthly rent of just $360. Today, the apartment is listed for $2,400 a month, which isn’t bad considering the unit’s presidential history and the Upper West Side’s median rental list price of $ 3,250.

Source: StreetEasy

As far as New York apartments go, this one is pretty standard: hardwood floors and exposed brick. High ceilings and a “walk-in” closet up the place’s appeal.

Source: StreetEasy

The apartment’s history was first revealed in 2010, and now the listing is using the previous tenant to its full advantage.

“Live where the president once lived, and who knows you might end up in the White House one day!” boasts the description.

So does a bit of presidential history help a place get rented more quickly?

“You know, a place to live is for you,” a listing broker told the New York Times back in 2010. “But people would be more inclined to take this one … even if the other was a little nicer. It’s a dinner conversation.”

Photos courtesy of StreetEasy.

This article was originally published by Erika Riggs on Zillow Blog. See it here.


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