For Sale: Picasso’s Last Home and Studio

Found in a field of poppies in the hills of Mougins, France, Notre-Dame-de-Vie makes it clear why Pablo Picasso chose to spend his final years there. Since renamed Domaine L’Antre du Minotaure or Lair of the Minotaur as a nod to the artist, the charming estate combines sprawling views with provincial architecture to create a picturesque environment for an artistic mind.


The historic home, where many of Picasso’s last works were created before his passing in 1973, was said to be purchased by a Belgian art dealer for $10-12 million some years ago. However, after a substantial restoration to the property, which includes a total of three houses, it has now returned to the international marketplace for a staggering $220 million.

Picasso's Home

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In addition to its priceless history, Picasso’s former villa features a main home, a guard house and a studio. The 35-room main home offers roughly 2,600 square feet, with a total of 10 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Also included in the $220 million price tag is a wood-burning fireplace, a private health club, a pair of pools, a tennis court and a garden.

While $220 million may be out of your price range, there happen to be plenty of homes in the French province for sale on International. In a nod to Picasso’s property, we have highlighted some of the most picture-perfect listings in Mougins, France.

Price: $5.1 million


Description: Built in the 1970s by a noted French architect, this villa offers resort-style living with beautiful arches and custom lighting. The main house is comprised of two levels and features a central area and a wing reserved for guests. Outside, the residence boasts a pool and a pool house with a fully equipped kitchen, bar and sauna.

Price: $24 million


Description: Featuring an updated design and dramatic views extend from the sea to the old village, this exceptional property brings a contemporary vibe to the country. Inside are luxuries ranging from a sauna to a fitness center to a wine cellar and even a projection room. The property rounds out with a beautiful Japanese terrace and pool area.

Price: $26 million


Description: The listing hails ths property as one of the most prestigious in Côte d’Azur, and it’s easy to see why. Located within a beautiful park, the former residence of the monks of Lerins Islands boasts beautiful rose gardens, thousands of olive trees and a four-level “castle.”

Price: $5 million


Description: A quaint farmhouse in the old village, this property enjoys views stretching from the Lerins Islands to Esterel. It features a large living room that opens onto a terrace and the pool.

Price: $7.9 million


Description: Found within the heart of an old village farm, this Mediterranean plantation evokes a Caribbean feel with rows of palms and other mature foliage. It features a main villa, a swimming pool and a pool house, as well as a caretaker’s apartment.

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