No Painting Allowed! 6 Tricks for Adding Color When Living With White Walls

So you’ve received the dreaded news: No, you can’t paint the apartment walls.

Design by Sardone Construction

Design by Sardone Construction

With that two-letter word, decorating depression is bound to set in as you resign yourself to living with blah beige or white. However, there is good news. A nicely painted wall is a great way to make a space your own, but it’s definitely not the only way; there are plenty of great options that can help alleviate the no-paint problem. Try out these fun and renter-friendly ideas!

Invest in removable wallpaper

Often called renter’s wallpaper for a reason, removable wallpaper is available in endless colors and patterns, so you can easily find a style that fits your taste. Oh, and no worry about damaging the wall. Removable wallpaper doesn’t create any more damage than hanging a photo. So wallpaper away!

Make textiles your best friend

When it comes to adding a nice pop of color to a bland space, textiles are a great option. From curtains to vintage quilts to a whole wall covered with a fabric panel, you can surely find a way to use textiles to work around the white/beige wall issue. This trick also allows you to add some texture to your look.

Art, art, art!

Ever wonder why galleries and museums often utilize stark white walls? It’s because they are perfect for displaying art without distracting from the work. Make use of this technique in your own home and create a bright wall gallery or hang a very large, vibrant piece of art. Either way, art is one of the best and most common ways to add color to a space. The blank background allows the colors to pop, and the design really shine.

Paint what you can

You can’t paint the walls, but that doesn’t rule out painting other things, such as your furniture, frames or neutral decor items that you may already have. So pull out those paint swatches and get to painting! With neutral walls, painted decor items stand out and really command the room. Use the white walls to contrast your newly painted table, vase, etc.

Experiment with room dividers

From folding screens to funky divider walls to hanging collages, room dividers provide an easy and creative way bring some color into a room. Whether actually used as a room divider or placed against a wall, these pieces can effortlessly perk up a space with some color.

Use colored light

Whether it’s colored lanterns, bright Christmas lights, a tinted bulb or uplighting, colorful lights are a fun and surprising decor trick. Try out different techniques in different rooms and see what works for your style. This trick not only adds that extra pop of color you are looking for, but it makes a room feel more warm and inviting.

This article was originally published By Audra Jones for on Zillow Blog. To see the original article, click here


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