Live in the Launch Control Center of this Cold War Missile Silo

Deep beneath the rolling foothills of the Adirondack Mountains is this converted Atlas missile silo, which comes, as the listing notes, with “all tools and toys included.”

Live in the Launch Control Center of this Cold War Missile Silo

We’re guessing that does not include the nuclear missile that once lurked beneath the silo’s gigantic, steel blast doors, but it definitely does include some truly awesome Cold War-era tech, such as Strangelove-ian clocks that show the time in cities around the world and gun-metal gray consoles covered with analog switches and dials for you to flip and turn while making blastoff noises with your mouth.



The living quarters are located in the former Launch Control Center, because of course they are. There’s just one bedroom and one bath, but you have the rest of the 185-feet-deep structure to spread out in, and don’t you want to be the first of your friends with a huge radiation-symbol dining table? Yes. You do. There’s even a set of olive green coveralls for you to wear while you chill in your silo, leaning against the Pneumatic Distribution Unit and idly pushing buttons while you drink your morning coffee.



On the surface you’ve got pretty much the best front door ever, since living underneath a set of “blast doors” is sort of unbeatable.


There are also 8 acres of land with a waterfront view (!) and four parking spaces for your fleet of tanks or whatever. The only thing it’s missing is a private airstrip. List price: $750,000.


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