Glass House on Boulders in Colorado

Conventional wisdom says that homes are generally better served when they are built on flat land, away from jutting rock formations – even more so when said home is made of glass.


However, conventional wisdom was shown the door in Boulder, Colo., where a contemporary glass box was built into the rocky landscape.


The shimmering design you see before your eyes is not a mirage, but a product of Thomas Phifer. We’ve been big fans of the New York-based architect ever since his modern glass-and-steel compound known as the “Taghkanic House“ popped up on the radar last year. Much like that Hudson Valley contemporary, Phifer’s latest offering beautifully blends a striking modern construct into its natural surroundings, in this particular case the jutting rock face of a Boulder hillside.


As one can imagine, light-filled interiors take center stage within the 2008 build and are accentuated by 11-foot ceilings, translucent etched-glass walls and a massive, retractable skylight on the top floor.






The 5,026-square-foot home also provides an energy efficient state of living with geothermal heating and cooling, radiant-heat floors and passive solar.


Beyond its sunlit sitting areas and a vantage point that offers 360-degree views of mountainscapes, Denver and points beyond, the architectural trophy manages to burrow its way into our attention a bit further with a subterranean garage. Offering two bedrooms and three bathrooms, the glass house in Boulder currently lists for $4.25 million.


Jane Stebbins of Good Acre Properties has the listing.

This article was originally published by Neal J. Leitereg on To see more photos and the article source, click here.


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