11 Ultimate Outdoor Kitchens in Multi-Million Dollar Homes

It’s easy to cook in your backyard. Just grab a hibachi, stack up some charcoal, and light a match. But what if you want to level up in your outdoor culinary pursuits?

Wheel your old Weber kettle out of the picture and build an outdoor kitchen. Add a stove top, some cabinets, running water, a fridge, and plenty of counter space—voila, you’ve got an outdoor space allowing you to cook alfresco with ease.

To offer inspiration in your quest for top-quality grilling, we identified eleven dreamy outdoor kitchens in homes currently for sale. While these wide open kitchens are all attached to luxurious million-dollar homes, perhaps you can re-create these majestic spaces on a scale to fit your budget.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these outdoor marvels and the homes they’re attached to, just click on the picture to see the listing.

Bon appetit!

San Diego, CA, $2.439 million — 6660 Mower Pl.

from realtor.com

Austin, TX, $9.75 million — 1906 Scenic Dr.

from realtor.com

Scottsdale, AZ, $1.699 million — 13049 E Gold Dust Ave.

from realtor.com

Houston, TX, $2.25 million — 12930 Memorial Dr.

from realtor.com

El Dorado Hills, CA, $1.595 million — 2001 Salmon Valley Ln.

from realtor.com

Sunset, SC, $3.3 million — 304 S Cove Rd.

from realtor.com

Rancho Mirage, CA, $1.325 million — 36735 Palm View Rd.

from realtor.com

Mobile, AL, $1.325 million — 3065 Canary Island Dr.

from realtor.comPorto Cima, MO, $1.949 million — 510 Grand Cove Rd.from realtor.com

Covington, LA, $1.175 million — 322 Twin River Dr.from realtor.com

Calistoga, CA, $12 million — 5800 Petrified Forest Rd.

from realtor.com

This article was originally published by  on realtor.com. To see the original article, click here.


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