How to Sell a Tiny House

While home buyers have sought large one- and two-story traditional homes for years, a new trend is emerging on the market: tiny houses.®®

These houses, sometimes as small as 500 square feet, have developed a following, but it takes more than minimal space to catch a buyer’s eye.

To sell a small home, you’ll need to make the most of the square footage.

Space-Saving Features Are Key

While many home buyers are looking to downsize into smaller homes, they don’t want to downsize their lifestyle. Buyers are attracted to tiny houses that contain space-saving features—allowing the homeowner to store more than one would think.

To make your own small house appealing to buyers, consider installing space-savers or highlighting what you already have:

  • Attached fold-out furniture: A kitchen table that folds flat against a wall frees up floor space.
  • Built-in bookshelves: These can hold more than just books, giving buyers more storage options.
  • Hanging pot racks: Making use of ceiling space helps add kitchen storage.

Utilize Outdoor Space

Emphasizing the outdoor space is an excellent way to make a tiny house feel spacious.

To maximize your yard space, remove overgrown or large plants and opt for minimal landscaping like ornamental grasses, day lilies or English lavender to make the yard appear larger.

For outdoor furniture, replace large, umbrella-covered dining tables with smaller bistro sets—or keep the space open.

Highlight Energy-Saving Perks

One of the biggest draws to tiny houses is tiny utility bills. If your home already has energy-efficient features, ask your listing agent to include the details and to point them out to potential buyers during the walk-through.

If your home doesn’t have energy-saving perks, consider making small upgrades to appeal to more buyers. For example, replacing the weather stripping is quick and inexpensive, and it cuts down on utility costs.

For Tiny House Staging, Keep It Simple

Having a clean, uncluttered home during an open house is important for any seller, but it is absolutely essential for small-home sellers. Start by removing any personal items like photo frames, knickknacks and children’s art. Then you can declutter every room and organize closets, drawers and bookshelves.

Before you open house, stage your newly organized rooms using a minimalist theme. Simple décor typically makes small spaces appear larger.

For example, a sofa with four throw pillows and a blanket may overwhelm a small living space. Instead, cut it down to two throw pillows and tuck the blanket in the closet.

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