Spooky! 6 Frightfully Fun Homes in Horror Movie Cities

The idea of settling down in an area known for its horror-filled past may seem counter-intuitive, but for some horror movie buffs, living in a legendary horror movie town is worth the potential chills.

We peered through the darkness and found six cities with reputations as iconic horror destinations.

And before we stroll further down this dark and creepy path, here is a giant disclaimer: None of the homes featured below were featured in their city’s infamous screen presence.

However, if you’re a horror fan in need of some spine-tingling inspiration, here are some starting points.

1. Washington, DC, “The Exorcist” — 2706 N St NW, $999,000

The infamous Exorcist Steps are on M Street in D.C.’s tony Georgetown neighborhood. We found a cute brick row house located just a block away.


2. Evans City, PA, “The Night of the Living Dead” — 455 Jefferson St, $179,900

This old Colonial stands just across the creek from the Evans City cemetery. That burial ground is where the opening scenes of the iconic zombie flick were filmed in 1968.


3. Burkittsville, MD, “The Blair Witch Project” — 212 E Main St, $169,000

Shaky hand-held camera not included. Whether you decide to venture into the nearby woods is entirely up to you.


4. Amityville, NY, “The Amityville Horror” — 53 Bennett Pl, $975,000

This lovely home is less than a half mile away from the infamous movie address of 112 Ocean Avenue. The beautiful and welcoming facade are nothing to be afraid of.


5. Martha’s Vineyard, MA, “Jaws” — 6 Anthiers Lane Ln, $4.495M

This mega-mansion on the east side of the posh island offers pond frontage—where it’s probably safe to go in the water.


6. Monroeville, PA, “Dawn of the Dead” — 1259 Harvest Dr, $179,900

This modest split-level is about 15 minutes away from the Monroeville Mall. You can make a stop at Monroeville Zombies to stock up on gifts for the family.

This post was originally published by Erik Gunther on realtor.com. See it here.


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