Transform Any Basic Bathroom Into a Luxurious Spa

Spa-like bathrooms are a hot amenity among home buyers, and whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you might be thinking about putting some money into a bathroom upgrade.

Transform Any Basic Bathroom Into a Luxurious Spa


But you don’t need to install a Jacuzzi tub to indulge in a home spa. A few simple steps involving lighting, color and some fun add-ons can transform the room into a luxurious retreat.

“It’s all about atmosphere,” says Eva Dewitz, a Boston interior designer. “A spa should appeal to all the senses. Play music [a small radio or wireless speaker will do]; light the room softly; put a dimmer switch in.”

With stress a major component of modern living, investing in spa-quality relaxation is money well spent. The next time you need to retreat from e-mail, a ringing cell phone or other demands on your time, just soak your worries away.

Clean Design Creates Sense of Tranquility

The easiest way to attain an uncluttered look is to make white, or a calm neutral, your color of choice. A monochromatic theme keeps it simple.

“I personally like the tones of beige,” says Boston interior designer Gregory R. Van Boven. “Keep it plain and simple.”

At bathroom specialty store Billie Brenner Ltd. in Boston’s Design Center, partner Robin Brenner notes that many of today’s in-home spas include big-ticket items like a large walk-in shower with a vertical whirlpool (the shower has body jets and multiple shower heads). Other “hot” items include saunas and heated towel bars, she says.

Nothing beats the convenience of adding a hot tub directly to your bath area, if you have a few thousand dollars to spend and some extra space. But you can find those stand-alone heated towel bars, for example, for less than a built-in.

The key is to be creative and realize that many smaller aspects of a spa can be purchased for a lesser price.

Jacuzzi-Alternative Amenities

If your budget falls short of a Jacuzzi, you can turn an ordinary tub into something just short of a whirlpool relatively inexpensively. For less than $100, you can get a portable spa motor that turns a regular tub into a massaging jet experience. For a shower, you could add a rainfall shower head—or one with massage options.

You could also set up your own manicures with an in-home treatment system, including a nail dryer, for $50 or less. There are a number of foot massagers on the market—some using water to soothe your feet, others using acupressure points and heat—for an equally reasonable price.

There are machines that offer the sound of ocean waves, rain or a waterfall to zone you out. Or consider a speaker that syncs with your iPod or other media player.

When planning your spa, it’s also important to keep your sense of smell in mind. Dewitz suggests using bubble bath or bath oil rather than highly perfumed candles, which can overwhelm the senses. Or you can search out candles with a light scent.

Scented soaps are another way to add a pleasing aroma to the room. Present the candles or the soaps nicely on a decorative dish or stand.

Furniture Dresses Up the Bathroom

Brenner says she’s seeing more people combine the in-home hideaway and spa concepts. Her clients are introducing furniture into their baths, including bookshelves and comfortable seating—even a fireplace.

Space permitting, adding a pretty chair and floor lamp can also enhance the relaxing atmosphere. That way, when you step out of the bath, you can wrap yourself in a luxurious robe, cozy up with a throw blanket and perhaps begin a foot soak.

Based on an original article by Anna Kasabian. Published by Anne Miller on See it here.

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