5 Fresh Gift Wrapping Ideas

Tired of the basic gift wrap options offered in stores? Try these tips for getting creative with your holiday presents.

There’s something about a beautifully wrapped package that excites children and adults alike. Why not put a little extra thought into wrapping your holiday gifts, making each gift special and unique?

Follow these five tips below, and the joy in giving and receiving your presents won’t just come from the boxes’ contents.

1. Shy away from matching gifts

Instead of buying one roll of wrapping paper and the traditional red stick-on bows, think outside the box. Choose a color scheme for your wrapping that complements your Christmas decor, and buy a variety of ribbons, papers and gift tags in those colors.

Here, a color scheme of red, navy and teal creates a cohesive look for the pretty stack of gifts, but every package still has its own style.

2. Consider who is receiving the gift

After you choose a gift that you know each person will love, wrap the present to reflect their style.

For example, maybe the guy in your life would prefer wrapping in rustic plaids, and your sister-in-law would gush over something more feminine. You know your loved ones best. Choose ribbons and trimmings that fit their personality, and they will appreciate the extra effort.

3. Create custom wrapping paper

To really take your gifts to the next level, think about creating your own wrapping paper. Several sites can print custom paper for you, but for some quick unique packages, take your favorite family photos to an office supply store like Staples and have them printed at poster size. This large reindeer print cost less than $4.

4. Use a variety of ribbons

Thick satin ribbon, thin grosgrain ribbon, glitter ribbon, chunky yarn — the list goes on. See what you have around the house or pick up a few scraps from a craft or fabric store. Layer the ribbon in different combinations or let it stand alone. A variety of ribbons in your color scheme will make each package unique.

5. Craft gift tags from scrapbook paper

Rather than buying gift tags, choose scrapbook papers in different prints that coordinate with your color scheme. Cut rustic wood paper, plaid patterns and fun prints into different shapes to make fun, one-of-a-kind tags. Letter stickers or written words on the outside of the gift tags add a personalized touch.

You can use any extra scrapbook paper as an accent on your packages. Cut a thick strip to accent the center of a present and layer ribbon on top.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative wrapping. What are your favorite ways to wrap holiday gifts?

This post was originally published by Lindsay Jackman on Zillow Blog.

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