9 Cities for Homeseekers Who Love Burgers

To celebrate National Burger Month, Trulia put together a list of the best — and worst — cities for burger lovers on the move.

When you’re buying a house, there are many factors to weigh. One you might have overlooked? Your prospective new city’s B.D.I. (Burger Density Index).

In celebration of National Burger Month (and National Hamburger Day on May 28!), we put our data team through the grinder, mixing Yelp, Trulia, and U.S. Census Bureau data to find out the number of households per burger joint in any given city — and how much you can expect to fork over for a home there. The higher the BDI, the more burger-hungry neighbors you’ll have to compete with when you’re craving a sizzling quarter-pounder (hold the pickles).

Our juicy findings reveal the cities with the best — and worst — household-to-burger-joint ratios. Grab a napkin and dig in.

9 Cities for Homeseekers Who Love Burgers

Published on Trulia Blog.

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