5 Tricks for Sneaking Storage into Small Spaces

If you’ve ever wished you just had one more empty shelf or drawer, these tips are for you.

Whether they live in large or small homes, most people wish they could find a little “extra space.” This is especially true of those whose closets, cabinets or rooms are on the small side.

One way to create more space is to practice the new trend called minimalism, which involves a clear and decisive focus on keeping what we most value and eliminating anything that distracts us.

To live like a minimalist demands rigorous review of our purchases, as well as what we create, receive and keep. Because we live in a world of “Free, free, free!” and “Buy, buy, buy!” it is very difficult to avoid collecting more things in our homes.

Some segments of our population have turned to a new kind of “forced” minimalism — living in what are known as tiny homes. Popular television shows on multiple networks cover this new lifestyle where, in some cases, folks are moving into spaces no larger than 300 square feet.

What if you’re not moving into a tiny home anytime soon and you don’t think the minimalist lifestyle is a fit for you, but still want to make the most of your small closets and storage spaces? Try using these small space organization tips to make the most of what you have.

Think vertical

For all the spaces in your home, think vertical. Tall bookcases and shelving can be the answer to your organizing dreams.

Use this prime real estate to store anything from cleansers to neatly folded clothes, knitting projects, or organized craft bins. You can double your available storage space by going up.

Go behind-the-door

It may not be the trendiest design option, but if you’re pinched for space, install behind-the-door storage with pockets or hooks to hold just about any small items you can think of, from fashion accessories to hair dryers, dog leashes, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more.

Put it on wheels

Small homes and apartments often provide us with unique storage spaces, like closets located underneath a set of stairs.

Whether you have a normal closet or a unique storage space, using a wheeled moving dolly or storage bins with wheels allows you to store items and access them with ease.

Rather than climbing into a poorly lit closet under the stairs, where you can’t even stand up or move freely, you can create a convenient experience by opening the closet or cabinet door and sliding out the rolling storage piece to greet you — at your height, with room to move and view your belongings in plenty of light.

Adopt the dorm room approach

Shower Tote, The Container Store, $10

Bathrooms can be the most difficult space when you have no storage, but one super idea is to implement the use of a shower caddy.

Remember the days when you went to college or camp? You usually had a toilet kit or small shower caddy to carry your toiletries to and from the bathroom. Why not try this at home?

If multiple people use the same bathroom and there’s not a lot of counter space or storage, have everyone take out what they bring in. It allows each person to keep track of their favorite toiletries, and the bathroom stays more organized.

Keep it simple

Finally, you will create more space in your home by simplifying your life. Start by making a quick list of what you value most in life. I call this “organizing by your values.”

When you set priorities in your own life, your home and belongings will reflect your choices, allowing you to eliminate the less important or less valued items.

As part of this exercise, you may want to evaluate how you spend your time. Take a look at your commitments, from work to kids’ activities, volunteer projects, and friends who need favors.

Evaluating your priorities and possibly eliminating commitments which no longer make you happy may just give you the extra time you need to review and organize the items in your home.

Those small spaces may not be so small after all. They may just need a little focused attention from you to create the optimal space you need.

Posted by DorothyTheOrganizer on Zillow

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