Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect Heating and Cooling Systems

Generally summer is hot in most places in the northern hemisphere and air conditioning units come in handy during severe heat waves. In fact, an air conditioning unit can actually protect against heat stroke or some other illness caused by excessive heat. 

Your heating, ventilating, and air condition (HVAC) system are like the lungs to your home. These systems keep you and your family comfortable in your home and help provide the air you breathe inside your home. Imagine the air in your home circulating through these machines and what could happen if these machines were not cared for properly.

HVAC systems also consume a lot of electricity therefore, your utility bills are dependent on the efficiency of your system. It is a good practice to proactively have an HVAC professional inspect your system periodically. We recommend twice a year. Spring and fall are great times of year to get these checked. Right before hot and cold seasons. This can help maintain or replace key components before they break, leaving you and your family either really hot or really cold because the system is not working. A professional will usually check various components including the furnace, the fans, the electrical connections, the duct work and various other components.

Hire a licensed HVAC maintenance contractor

Your air conditioning units need regular maintenance of the compressor and electrical components.  Checking this on an annual basis can reduce your energy bills and keep your expensive mechanical equipment working longer. Many HVAC contractors have maintenance plans you can participate in to have the staff review your systems periodically.

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