House of Brokers Reveals 25 Year Time Capsule!!

On Wednesday, September 19th, House of Brokers Realty, Inc. commemorated 25 years at their 1515 Chapel Hill road location by unsealing the time capsule that was buried after their Grand Opening in 1993.

Attending were agents at House of Brokers present and past, staff members present and past, family members, friends of House of Brokers and business associates.  Fifty licensees moved into the new office at the time of opening, along with 4 staff members.  House of Brokers currently has 72 licensees and 10 staff members.  In 2005 a second building was added on the site next to the original office approximately doubling House of Brokers office capacity. 

The memorabilia contained in the time capsule was most interesting and highly entertaining.  Items included pictures, business promotional items, future predictions, a newspaper, a Sears catalog, toys, artifacts and many more items too numerous to mention.

Fifteen of the original 50 agents and 1 original staff member are still active members at House of Brokers. 

House of Brokers has been a business leader in the community since it was founded in 1981.  The Company prides itself on its reputation for top quality and trustworthy service.