5 Holiday Looks on the Nice List

Festive ideas for decking your halls this season, straight from the source.

If Santa’s decor has been on the top of your wishlist ever since he claimed his home on Zillow, now you can make it happen. We highlighted five ways you can easily incorporate his holiday style into your home.



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8 Home Improvement Hacks From the Humble Dollar Store

Want some home improvement ideas on the cheap? How about the crazy cheap? Whether you want to spruce up the garden or streamline your closet, there are plenty of insanely clever creations that hail from the humble aisles of your local dollar store. Check out these simple DIY hacks that can transform a space—and best of all, no one will ever guess where they’re from.

Reflect your good taste

Build this work of art to be as “compact” or grand as you like. Thistlewood Farms

Anyone who’s priced wall decor knows it doesn’t come cheap. But, as KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms points out, there’s no need to go broke when you can build a beautiful focal point all on your own.

This stylish mirror, made with dollar store compacts, set this DIY-er back a mere $19. Not too shabby!

Drip-dry boot trays

Simple stones make a great boot tray. Dollar Store Crafts

In lieu of throwing down a pile of dish towels to dry up puddles left behind by soggy boots, consider a simple tray and a bag of stones.

Heather Mann of Dollar Store Crafts decided this river rock boot tray was a more elegant addition to the entryway. We couldn’t agree more. Give your regular doormat the day off.

Grow an indoor greenhouse

This simple project will add a pop of color to your home in no time. The Wicker House

If you crave a little bit of nature indoors, this greenhouse terrarium should satisfy your green thumb.

Emily Sweeten of The Wicker House made this picture-perfect piece with picture frames from the dollar store. She put it together in no time, though she admits, it helped to have another pair of hands to construct the rooftop.

Posh spice rack

If you’re really good, you’ll alphabetize them.The Stonybook House

Want to free up some coveted cabinet space? Lori Leeper at the Stonybrook House was inspired to create this back-of-the-door spice rack, made from dollar store cooling racks.

Fresh herbs flourish at your fingertips


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme—all within reach in your kitchen. Vanessa Brady

Want an innovative wall hanging that doubles as your very own produce aisle?

Vanessa Brady of Tried & True and her sister, Adriana, shared this Minimal Modern Herb Garden, which, depending on size, might cost you less than a bunch of fresh cilantro from the market, thanks to galvanized tubs priced at $1 a piece.

Tea for two … birds

Your backyard just got a bit more beautiful thanks to this oasis for your feathered friends. Morena’s Corner

Morena Hockley of Morena’s Corner added a little Mad Hatter’s tea party influence to her garden when she built this teapot birdbath with cups, saucers, plates, and, of course, a teapot she found at her local Goodwill (but dollar store housewares work just as well). Go ahead and spray-paint your creation to match your outdoor decor.

Keep the bugs at bay the natural way

Bug repellent never looked so good. A Little Claireification

If you’re sick of your outings reeking of citronella, consider this natural and cost-effective way to repel pests.

These Mason jar luminaries, designed by Claire of A Little Claireification, offer a chemical-free alternative to those pungent candles and sprays. Plus, they make attractive centerpieces.

Just grab a few rosemary sprigs, along with cedarwood, lavender, and lemon essential oils (or the real thing), which Claire says will make your gatherings bug-free.

Thumbs-up for word art

Nothing “tacky” about thumbtack art! DIY Ready

Want to make a statement, literally?

Lisa Loperfido of DIYReady notes that this thumbtack word artproject costs just $3. Spell your way to stunning decor for only pennies.

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Brighten Your Valentine’s Day With DIY Cards and Budget Bouquets

Welcome your special someone home with a custom-made greeting and sweet flower arrangement.

Creating special notes and cards is simple with these DIY hacks. Local craft stores are fully stocked with inspiration. Gather mix-and-match washi tape, metallic letter stickers, and alphabet stamps, and get ready to let your creative juices flow. Taking an afternoon to craft is a great way to spend time with the kids or unwind solo.

Pencil eraser stamp card


  • Notecard and envelope
  • Stamp pad
  • Metallic letter stickers
  • No. 2 pencil

Use an eraser to create an abstract pattern on all four edges. As you stamp, the color will dissipate to create an ombre effect. For extra gradients of colors, I used Hero Arts’ ombre pink stamp pad. It’s like three stamp pads in one.

A message spelled out in foam metallic gold letter stickers finishes this custom card beautifully. The letters are available in tons of fonts you can mix up. I used Thickers Gold Foam Letters.

Washi tape pattern card


  • Notecard and envelope
  • Washi tape in varying designs
  • X-Acto knife
  • Protected surface for cutting

Washi tape comes in loads of colors and patterns. Combining these shiny gold, floral and geometric washi designs makes a funky custom card.

Tape the notecard to the cutting mat or protected surface, and carefully cut along the edges.

Seal the deal by detailing the closure on the envelope with washi tape to match the card inside, and finish with a fun stamp.

Arrange-it-yourself bouquet

Say it with grocery- or corner-store florals. Skip purchasing a large flower arrangement in favor of setting out a smaller bespoke bouquet. Or spread the love — make more than one small arrangement to surprise a few friends or neighbors.

Purchase four different kinds of flowers or greenery. When you get home, trim the stems and put the flowers in cold water.

Choose a lovely, unexpected vessel like a jar or mug. Cut the flowers’ stems to the appropriate length, and arrange in a balanced but informal grouping.

Set out your arrangement, paired with one of your cards bearing a special and personal phrase, as a welcome home surprise or morning treat for your Valentine.

Photography by Kristen Blush.

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