Helpful Ideas for Moving With a Spouse

Hundreds of thousands of Americans pick up and move for job-related reasons every year. When employees decide to relocate for their job, they’re taking a big (and sometimes scary) leap into a new environment. This leap becomes even more complex if they’re married or have a life partner who has to follow without a job in hand.

For the supporting spouse or partner, the decision to move for the other partner’s job can possibly mean leaving family, friends, and maybe a career of your own. But some partners are willing to take the plunge to ensure the happiness of their “better half” in starting over in a new locale.

Most corporations understand the difficulties inherent with family relocation. Many companies use relocation assistance as a recruiting tool to lure coveted prospects to a new town — offering such benefits as a relocation bonus, arranging job interviews for the employee’s spouse or partner, or flying a family back and forth to visit the area.

Even if you have perks at your disposal, there are some things that the supporting spouse will have to adjust to. While the employed spouse is likely wrapped up with trying to adjust to the new job, the supporting spouse will have to handle the issues of finding a home, making new friends and adjusting to life in a new city.

For the supporting spouse, here are a few ideas to consider during the transition:

  • What are your long-term career goals? Take this time to assess where you are in terms of your own career. Do plenty of research online to see what the job market is like in your destination city. You will likely need to build a new social circle in your new environs. When you talk with people, ask for referrals and possible job leads.
  • You may want to try your hand at entrepreneurship and develop a career you can take anywhere. If you have any interest in being a freelancer or starting your own business from home, this would be an ideal time to explore those ideas.
  • Do you have any personal yearnings you’d like to explore? For example, donating time to a nonprofit organization, starting a new hobby, or advancing your education? Such activities are can provide great opportunities to reach out in your community and meet new people.

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