Fairy Tale Homes for Sale

Towering castles and romantic cottages are hitting the market across the U.S.

Source: Zillow Blog

Source: Zillow Blog

Looking for a place to live happily ever after? For the whimsical at heart, we’ve collected homes for sale that look straight out of a fairy tale.

Woodstock, CT

450 Brickyard Rd, Woodstock, CT
For sale: $45 million

With glimmering spires, sweeping great rooms and 8 royal bedrooms, this home is fit for a modern-day Cinderella.

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Edwards, CO

157 Pilgrim Dr, Edwards, CO
For sale: $7.25 million

A prince on horseback wouldn’t seem out of place here. The English estate is set back among tall aspens, exquisite gardens and an enchanting brook.

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Ranger, GA

436 Liberty Church Rd NE, Ranger, GA
For sale: $899,900

Located on 28.7 acres of green pastures and rolling hills, this 4-bedroom, 4-bath castle is a private getaway suited for royalty.

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Vashon, WA

12225 SW 164th St, Vashon, WA
For sale: $995,000

“Welcome to Candyland” reads a sign by the front door of this home. With animal-shaped topiaries, a charming carriage house and decor fit for a tea party, the property is like a life-size doll house.

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Bernardsville, NJ

450 Mendham Rd, Bernardsville, NJ
For sale: $12.885 million

Built in 1896, this European-inspired home has a touch of whimsy at every turn. From formal gardens to an entertainment-level replica of a Parisian street scene, there’s something for everyone.

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Garrison, NY

19 Lawes Ln, Garrison, NY
For sale: $3.9 million

With hand-cut stone, hand-milled mahogany trim, Tudor chimneys, herringbone brickwork and more, Langhurst Lodge has the Old World charm reminiscent of a Grimm fairy tale.

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Snowmass, CO

163 Spruce Ridge Ln, Snowmass Village, CO
For sale: $7.9 million

Surrounded by tulips and lush landscaping, this French-style chateau offers an idyllic slice of Colorado paradise.

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Sundance, UT

2687 Stewart Rd, Sundance, UT
For sale: $2.94 million

This home combines castle-like luxury with a storybook setting. According to the listing description, “you are greeted by majestic views of Stewart Falls and Timpanogos Cirque through every window.”

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Muenster, TX

6868 S FM 373, Muenster, TX
For sale: $795,000

In Muenster, TX, your own private palace awaits. The home is royally appointed with gorgeous hardwoods, a fireplace, coffered ceilings, elegant living spaces and more.

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Topanga, CA

21128 Bellini Dr, Topanga, CA
For sale: $2.999 million

Nothing says “storybook” like a classic Tudor estate. Up a winding stone path, the home boasts a grand foyer, a private hilltop gazebo, fireplace and rose garden.

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Styling a Romantic Window Seat

Grab your favorite book and get cozy in a spot designed just for daydreams.

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

No spot in the home is as suited to romance as a window seat. Curling up in one to watch the world go by can make anyone feel like the heroine of a Victorian novel.

Whether you choose to lounge on a sunlit ledge and read the day away or simply want to perch and enjoy a wintry morning with some cocoa, these suggestions will help create just the right ambiance for your window seat.

Capture a niche

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

Window seats are often cleverly carved out of “leftover” spaces. While they may be tucked away and only exist to provide additional storage or fill an awkward space, you can leverage that.

Create a space-for-two by adding plenty of decorative seat and back cushions. Consider a drape on the window seat’s upper front face or a Roman shade at the window for light control and privacy. Don’t forget a spot to put your feet up, too — an ottoman or garden stool is the perfect proportion for stretching out in window seat areas. These elements will add color, texture and interest that will lure you to coziness and relaxation.

Leverage your storage

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

Don’t waste the space underneath the seat itself. This is great for storing winter blankets or the children’s toys and board games. Whether you prefer drawers below for easy access, flip top seats for larger items, or cabinets and shelves all around for one very generous built-in unit, what you ultimately display at your window seat area is important.

No matter what you choose to include, start by looking for a visual connection. It might be framed black-and-white family photographs or another a common color element found in the pieces themselves or the trim work, bookcases and shelving they are displayed against.

Celebrate your home’s style

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

Use a window seat to highlight the architecture of your home just as a large bay window does. What kitchen would not benefit from a large window seat, letting in natural light all day long?

Create comfort as well as visual spaciousness by bringing the indoors-out and outdoors-in via window views. The spot will soon become the most popular place in the house to watch the sunset with a glass of wine while day turns into night. This setup also provides ideal additional seating when everyone is hanging out in the kitchen at family gatherings.

Create some charm

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

Carve out a seat in a cramped attic space where a slanted roof limits your floor seating options. With those up-high views, you will be among the treetops.

This setup is perfect for bedroom and nursery areas where additional comfort may be needed to slip on socks or nurse a fussy baby. If your niche is a bit dark, add pendant or sconce lighting on a dimmer to create the ultimate mood for your window seat.

Add trim and detail

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

For a window seat, or even a banquette that is full of glamour, add turned legs in lieu of a storage base to create a light, airy, furniture-like seat. If you want to maintain the storage, add some romantic appeal by incorporating trim details like baseboards and wainscoting around the window seat instead. It can be just the trick to tie all of the paint and structural elements together.

What design essentials are included in your window seat area?

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Forget Diamonds: Down Payments Are a Girl’s Best Friend

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the Friday before a three-day weekend, giving lovebirds plenty of time for elaborate, drawn-out celebrations.

Down Payments Are a Girl's Best Friend

But before you hire a skywriter or horse-drawn carriage, or wow your sweetie with diamond jewelry, be sure that you know what your belovedreally wants. Because, it turns out, sparkly signs of affection like may be lower down the list than you thought.

A recent survey by ERA Real Estate of 1,000 people in committed relationships showed that nearly 50 percent of women would be willing to forgo a diamond ring in order to save the cash for a down payment on a house. In fact, 18 percent of those who responded said they already had skipped the ring in favor of the house. And 89 percent of those surveyed said that their love bond was strengthened by buying a home together.

How Much Cash Are We Talking About?

So, exactly how much house could a diamond buy? Let’s use the most common piece of jewelry — the diamond engagement ring — for our comparison.

According to TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com’s 2013 survey, the average diamond engagement ring costs $5,431. And, according to National Association of Realtors’ data, the national median existing-home price for all of 2013 was $197,100.

So a 5 percent down payment on that median house would be $9,855, and forgoing the average engagement ring would you more than halfway there.

Not Everyone’s Willing to Give Up the Bling

One interesting finding from the ERA survey shows that there’s a bit of a generation gap when it comes to deferring diamonds in favor of down payment money.

While 50 percent of women in their 20s would choose the home rather than diamonds, only 8 percent of women in their 50s and only 2 percent of women in their 60s would give up the bling.

Are older women more sentimental? Maybe. Or perhaps they’re already living in their dream homes (or have the down payment question squared away, either in liquid assets or home equity) and would prefer a more traditional show of affection on Valentine’s Day.

This article was originally published by Michele Lerner on Daily Finance. See the original article here.